Arlen "the Torrent" Naida

The Orphaned Ex-Commander of the Great Forks Militia


Age: 19 (Resplendent Water 18th)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Tawny blond, reaching just below her shoulder blades.

The Heat of Battle (Adoration)
Tide Render (Adoration)

No man gets left behind.
Shelter the weak.
The dead should stay dead.
Aji Bronzebody (Respect, love)
Brook Naida (Protect, Student, Sister)
Maegs (Best Friend)

Great Forks Region (Home Town Affection)
The Immaculate Order (Dislike)
Exalted (Mild Distrust)
Teach new Solars what we know.
Merc & Militia are comrades. (Respect)
Wary of singing things. (Unfavorable)
Naida Station (Affection)
Isana (Comrade)
Jade Honor (Respect, Trust)
Luna (Affection)
Scarlet Tatters (Respect)
Kaleb (Sisterly fondness/Protective)
Speaker For the Voiceless Amidst a Cacophony of Silence (Respect, Interest)

Ox-Body Technique (Resistance)
Durability of Oak Meditation (Resistance)
Spirit Strengthens the Skin (Resistance)
Iron Skin Concentration (Resistance)
War God Descendant (War)
League of Iron Preparation (War)
Excellent Strike (Melee)
Fire & Stones Strike (Melee)
One Weapon, Two Blows (Melee)
Peony Blossom Technique (Melee)
Dipping Swallow Defense (Melee)
Bulwark Defense (Melee)
Call the Blade (Melee)
Summoning the Loyal Steel (Melee)
Heavenly Guardian Defense (Melee)
Increasing Strength Exercise (Athletics)

Martial Arts:
Falling Scythe Flash (White Raven)


Coming Soon.

Arlen "the Torrent" Naida

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